All I Taste Is Ideal Temperature (Bottle Review)

A while ago I had a small and well meant rant about how sometimes Keg Beer can be served too cold for my tastes

I’m not a bar/cellar man, I don’t know much about the possible intricacies of beer delivery (and storage) and getting it to the customer in its best condition. Yes for an apparent ‘beer blogger’ I am wilfully ignorant about the subject matter I’ve chose to make the vast majority of my posts about.

I digress, but this bug bear about beer temperature was brought home when one evening I sat down a to enjoy this drink…

Red Rose Rye
Red Rose Rye

This was a collaboration between Quantum Brewery from Stockport, follow them (on twitter) and the Manchester HomeBrewers who are also (on twitter)

Tell you what, lets have a better photo of the drink, if only the bottle…

Red Rose Rye II
Red Rose Rye II

Now I’m going to be honest, when I had this beer I thought “this is a damn sight more appealing than the cold one I had at the 2nd Leeds Beer Festival, I’m going to rant about it on my blog.”

Only it turns out I’d forgotten it had sold out so I’d somehow convinced myself that I’d actually had it at some point.

Maybe I have. For my sins I don’t tweet that much about the beer I have in pubs.

No, what I do is write things down as a text to myself (but don’t actually send it) and then promptly forget to write about them. Maybe I should really update my shit phone and get this Untappd App so I too can double my drinking pleasure by combining it with some kind of video game/Sporcle trivia quiz.

So this now turns into an actual bottle/drink review:

Its great.


It is 5.7% of Hops: Magnum, Bramling Cross, Motueka, Chinook, Columnbus; Malts: Pale, Munich, Carared, Caramalt, Rye, Chocolate; Yeast: US:05 greatness.

It smelt and tasted wonderful – I want more, could have spent the whole night on it.

But I think more credit to the beer is due as it reminded me of the good times I’ve had a beer festivals and the annoyance at how a cold temperature can ruin a beer’s taste and aroma and this is a beer that may just suffer if it was too cold.

It is good that a ‘mere’ alcoholic beverage can spark such memories and feelings

Coincidentally, as it turns out I was pondering about the temperature in the velodrome for the upcoming Manchester Beer Festival as I had heard cycle tracks have to be fairly humid. But my overly pseudo-scientific worries were allied by a few reassuring tweets from them.

Manc Beer Fest Temperature
Manc Beer Fest Temperature

Which is where I’m off to in a fortnight. Maybe I’ll see some people there, and then go out of my way to remain anonymous.

Drink Happy.


One thought on “All I Taste Is Ideal Temperature (Bottle Review)

  1. Sporkle sounds like something from a Bill Hicks routine, all over his shoe buckle, like a spoiled oyster. And for what it’s worth I think food loses its taste when it’s too hot, so I guess there’s an optimum range.

    Also have you checked if your tabs work? I’ve heard (I know they keep changing things) that the number of folders and tabs must not exceed 15 or else none work. If so you need to delete a few. I’m told that as you have this in the beer folder, then it’s automatically a beer tab. Hope that helps, but check it out.

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