7 Hand Drying Situations in 7 Pubs in 1 Day

People always enquire why I have a small obsession with hand dryers.

They do, honest.

And I feel I have so much more to offer.

A toilet is a very humours subject for use, it is one on the thing that binds all humans (and animals) together.  Some see it as taboo.

There are few things in life I find offensive, one of those is people that can’t be bothered to wash their hands after visiting the W.C.

So as part of the Allgates ‘Road to Wigan Beer’ Beer Festival cum Pub crawl I had the opportunity to reflect on how different pubs accommodate those that wish to have clean hands.

Clean hands are dry hands.

Of course I should point out that merely touching the toilet door handle makes all hand cleaning mute, but its a placebo.

Just to be clear, all the pubs are great and this is not a grading of the toilet facilities, merely the hand drying situations I encountered.

So at Crooke Hall Inn we have the ever effective paper towels + bin.

In The Anvil they have the daddy that is the Airforce – sod your Dysons.

The Hare & Hounds also has paper towels and a bin and a bit of quirk I’ll get back too later.

Walking into The Victoria and you are greeted with one of the crap white Warner-Howard models, the silver ones are ok, the white are diabolical.

The Union Arms has one that is out of order. A handy sign is attached just in case the piece hanging off it wasn’t enough of an indication.  But I will say that from experience this random model is actually fairly effective, even if the hot air stream if far too narrow, thereby increasing drying times.

Out of Order
Out of Order

The Jolly Nailor has an Initial, again the silver models are better than the white ones, but the white ones are still pretty good.

And finally The White Lion has paper towels and a bin.

I can’t stress the importance of a bin for towel waste.  There are some pubs that don’t have bins.  I honestly don’t know what they think will happen to the used towel.  Or maybe the assumption is that people don’t wash their hands so why bother drying them.

Anyway the quirky thing at Hare & Hounds was the presence above the sink of a framed bit of cloth towel. Maybe someone can expand on the significance, if there is any.

With winter around the corner and the Norovirus sure to hit the headlines and our guts in the coming weeks I hope that the few of you out there that read this think twice before shaking off the drips and walking out and instead take an additional minute wash & dry your hands.

Of course if the facilities non-existent then your own trousers can be just as effective.

And, of course, never eat open bar snacks.


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