3 Very Different Beer Festival in 3 Days – The Preamble

This is my stop gap, buying me time to actually write up all three festivals and the beer consumed and the general feeling of attending all 3.

Here is a poor, lo-res photo of each festival guide.

3 Beer Festivals 3 Days
3 Beer Festivals 3 Days

First up for me was the Bolton Beer Bash, attended on Thursday 10th of October 2013, at Bolton Rugby Club, I can’t tell you how many there have been of these, but I’m fairly sure I’ve been to at least 5, I should go and count my glasses.

All in aid of Bolton Lads and Girls Club, this is your more traditional ale festival, held in a big tent, with a choice of cask beers & ciders and foreign bottles, and some rather unconvincing food that I have still yet to try. Review Here

Next up on Friday 11th October 2013, at Victoria Baths, was the 2nd (and also my 2nd), Independent Manchester Beer Convention (IndyMan, IMBC). Featuring cask and keg beers and the Moss Cider Project Stall and a vast array of food. Plus, the clincher for me, talks by brewers for around the globe. Review Here

Finally over a very, very long Saturday 12th October 2013, was the Allgates ‘The Road To Wigan Beer’ Festival (the 2nd one?).  A festival spread out over the breweries 7 pubs with 100+ beers on offer (it started on the 3rd and went till the 14th). So in essence also a massively long pub crawl over the borough of Wigan. Taking in all manner of different pubs (obviously), clientele, hand dryers, some very dodgy bus services and many, many miles walked (still to be calculated). Review Here

All 3 very different – all 3 ended up being rather special, for a variety of different reasons.

I’ll hope to have my reviews out by the end of the week and most likely in chronological order.


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