Pub Hierarchies

Vaguely ponder-some article inspired, in a good and philosophical, way by this page:

A Manchester City Centre wide pub festival – a damn fine idea, when the idea is to encourage pub footfall in what we are told is an annual declining event.

But you can go on a decent enough pub crawl at many ends of the city centre which can replicate a festival. 

Examples of which are numerous and every attempt can even be made to avoid the hipster crowd (despite these also having a fine range of ales – but that is another topic) as well as the ‘yoof’ crowd (which is kind of on topic).

My main, worry I suppose you could call it, is if this would create, if not already, a hierarchy of pubs.

I joke about Printworks and Deansgate Locks pubs, but they are much a part of public drinking (and sadly puking and police call-outs) as anywhere else.

I have seldom visited any of the bars in either of these locations, but can a case not be made that these places are the primary target of real ales and craft ales alike?

A place of young minds, old bodies and equally knackered livers which should at least try something different other than deadhead Guinness, detergent infested lagers, artificially flavoured ciders and multi-coloured bottles and buckets of sugary ethanol concoctions.

Or are these place and their inhabitants considered to be a lost cause?

Or is it a case of:

“All pubs are created equal, but some are more equal than others”.



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