Beer, Metal and Female Appeal

Today is the International Day of Slayer – RIP Jeff Hanneman.

But this allows me to segue into three subjects close to my heart.*

Beer and Heavy Metal.

Subjects I love but am by no means an authority on, so what follows is a ramble full of personal tokenism and anecdotal evidence but will hopefully not sound massive patronising.

Metal music used to be the cliched preserve of the leather/denim clad man. Ages ranging from pubescent teen to arthritic OAP, all generally with dodgy hair. I was the beholder of quite the mullet.

Then came a sea change.  I think best laid at the door of Nirvana and the general ‘Seattle sound’ – here came music the was hard, heavy, fast but importantly had the right stuff to appeal to a broader base of broads (yep, first cheap misogynistic pun).

This coupled up with the Brit-pop guitar movement, a genre that mirrored Seattle only with less talent yet more derivitive, banal bands – and the ‘ladette culture’ saw something very strange.

The mosh pits, once the preserve of about 1 female to 50 males, and usually said female would be of the punk or goth persuasion, was now filling up with girls not part of a subculture.

To cut a long story abruptly short – rock/metal merchandise is now equally targeted at women as it is men.

To me, the same appears to be the case for beer festivals.

It first would appear to be the reluctant wife/girlfriend tagging along.  Usually with the proviso that “there will be ciders to try, or at least lager.”

Now the female of the species is again a target for marketing.

This does tie in, slightly, to the craft and cask wars I’m going to blog about in future – how?…… to be continued. 

But this is how the microcosm of a movement, a business and lastly a society functions at its peak – when men and women are equal in both representation (by merit) and contribution.

And I actually, genuinely mean that last sentence.


*Women are closer to my groin than my heart (yep, second cheap misogynistic pun, Wackity Schmackity Doo).


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