Beer Wars

Part 1 – The Preamble

I like my beer festivals.  Doesn’t matter if organised by CAMRA or any other organisation, for any cause (morals pending), so long as it’s within a logical distance for me to get home from (or a simple bed for the night) then I will attend.

The politics of beer never impacted on my life before I joined Twitter about a year ago.  To be honest the politics of beer will never impact on my life because first and foremost it’s about taste and lastly it’s about nothing more than a possible hangover the next day.  Anything else in between is window dressing.

So why have distinct camps be set up and stalls laid out?  Is there a human need for rivalry?  From rivalry and competition can those involved be pushed to find and achieved their best?  Is the need to be successful only ever seen as complete when rivals are crushed underneath the victor’s boot?  When did this stop being about beer?

Even by simply commenting on this matter it can appear that I’m adding fuel to the simmering (and sometime inflamed) heat that these camps have for each other, whilst also contradicting my initial statements about it only being about beer.

It won’t ever be about the beer, as long as we all have voices, fingers to type, opinons and alcohol in our blood and the need to make money and the ‘right people’ to get out money, human nature dictates that we love a good barny.

So I’m going to throw my hat, very slowly and over many waffley posts, into the opinion ring of ‘craft beers’ and ‘cask beers’ and try and reach the nub of just what the hell people have a beef about each other with.


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