The Greater Manchester Brewers

A hopefully helpful guide to all the breweries in the Greater Manchester county area – we can argue about accurate geographical locations and historical “identity” in the comments below.
This post was made possible by the posters ‘CHAPS2034’ and ‘TheDukeAbides’ from this thread
If you are the brewers in question, or someone who can help expand the list/details and get a better logo for the brewery, then please let me know.
August 2015: As I’ve started to add mead producers I’ve also decided to add cider producers and will also add wine makers, which will then probably mean adding spirit makers too.
January 2016: Disclaimer – to make this clear, some brewers are not fully commercial yet, some are cuckoo brewers and some are contract brewers.  All, some or none of these additional bits of information may or may not be added at some later date, or not.  Having said that, some might not even brew in Manchester, this will be edited when confirmed.

3s A Crowd Brewing (Oldham, 2014)

3crowd3’s A Crowd Brewing Blog


Acme Brewing Co (Bolton, 2016/17)

Acme Brewing (coming soon)


Alphabet Brewing Co (Manchester, 2014)

abcbrewingAlphabet Brewing


Bank Top Brewery (Bolton, 1995)

Bank Top Brewery


Beatnikz Republic Brewing Co (Manchester 2017, via London)


Beatnikz Republic Brewing Co



Beer Nouveau (Manchester, 2014)

nouveuxBeer Nouveau


Blackedge Brewing Company (Horwich, 2011)

Black Edge Brewing CompanyBlack Edge Brewery


Blackjack Beers Ltd (Manchester, 2012)

Black Jack Beers Ltd (old)

Blackjack-Beers (new)


 Bootleg Brewery (Chorlton, 2005)

Bootleg Brewing CompanyBootleg Micro Brewery


 BrewShack Brewers (Manchester, 2014)

brewshackBrewShack (tumblr)


BrewSmith Beer (Bury, Ramsbottom, 2013)

BrewSmith BeerBrewSmith Beer Limited


Brightside Brewing Company Ltd (Bury, 2011)

BrightSide Brewing CompanyBrightside Brewing Company


Burton Road Brewing (Manchester, 2015)


Burton Road Brewing



Byrne The Cake Brewing (Levenshulme, Manchester, 2015)



Carbon Smith Brewing (Manchester, via Edinburgh, 2015)

carbon smithCarbon Smith


Chorlton Brewing Co. (Manchester, 2014)

Chorlton Brew Cochorlton2Chorlton Brewing Company


Cloudwater Brew Co (Manchester, 2014)

cloudwater2Cloudwater Brew Co


Cryptic Ales (Stockport, 2014)



Dan’s Brewery (Manchester, 2016)


Deeply Vale Brewery (Bury, 2012)

deeplyvaleDeeply Vale Brewery


Dunham Massey Brewing Company (Dunham Massey, 2007)

dunhammasseyDunham Massey Brewing


Dunscar Bridge Brewery Limited (Bolton, 2009)

Dunscar_Bridge_Logo-copy1Dunscar Bridge Brewery


Epicurus Brewery (Denton, via Bolton, 2016)




First Chop Brewing Arm (Salford, 2011)

firstchopThe First Chop First Chop Brewing Arm


Five-Oh Brew Co (Prestwich, 2013)


Fool Hardy Ales (Stockport, 2013)

The Hope Stockport  or Fool Hardy Ales


Four Kings Brewery (Hyde, 2016)



GasWorks BrewBar (Manchester, 2016)



Geipel Brewing (Didsbury; via North Wales/Ohio USA, 2013)

Geipel Beers


Green Mill Brewery (Rochdale, 2007)

Green Mill Brewery


Greenfield Real Ale Brewery Ltd (Greenfield, 2002)

greenfieldGreenField Brewery


The Hay Rake Brewery Ltd (Littleborough, 2012)

hayrakeHay Rake Brewery

Hexagon Brew Co (Marple, 2015)




Holy Well Brewing Ltd (Bolton, 2015)

holy well

Holy Well Brewing



  Hogarth’s Brew Pub (Bolton, 2014)

hogarthsboltonHogarths Bolton (Facebook)


Joseph Holt Ltd (Manchester, 1849)

joseph_holtJoseph Holt of Manchester


Juggernaut Brew Co (Manchester, 2016)


Juggernaut Brew Co (Facebook)


Hophurst Brewery (Hindley, Wigan, 2014)


Hophurst Brewery


Hornbeam Brewery (Denton, 2007)

hornbeamHornBeam Brewery


Hydes’ Brewery Ltd (Manchester, 1863 now Salford from 2012)

Note – Hydes’ also have off-shoot breweries called Provenance and The Beer Studio.

hydes2Hydes Brewery


Irwell Works Brewery Ltd (Ramsbottom 2010)

irwell2Irwell Works Brewery


Lancashire Mead Co. (Horwich, 2013)


Lancashire Mead Company


JW Lees & Co (Brewers) Ltd (Middleton Junction, 1828)

jwlees_logoJ. W. Lees


Leyden Brewing Ltd (Nangreaves, 1999)

Leyden Brewing at The Lord Raglan Pub

Manchester Brewing Co (Manchester, 2016)


Manchester Brewing Co (holding page)



Marble Beers Ltd (Manchester, 1998)

marbleMarble Beers


Mayflower Brewery (Orrell, 2001)


Mayflower Beer – website not returned

Martland Mill Brewery (Wigan, 2014)

martlandMartland Mill Brewery


The Millstone Brewery Ltd (Mossley, 2003)

millstoneMillstone Brewery

The Moss Cider Project (Manchester, 2010)


The Moss Cider Project


Northern Monkey Brew Co (Bolton, 2016)


Northern Monkey Brew Co (FaceBook)



Origami Brewing Company (Manchester, 2016)



Oud Craft Brewery (Chorlton, 2015)



 Outstanding Brewing Co Ltd (Bury, 2008)

outstandingOutstanding Beers


Phoenix Brewery (Heywood, 1982)

phoenixPhoenix Brewery


Pictish Brewing Co Ltd (Rochdale, 2000)

pictishPictish Brewing


Prospect Brewery Ltd (Standish, 2007)

prospectProspect Brewery (old) Prospect Brewery (new)


Ramsbottom Craft Brewery (Ramsbottom, 2012)

ramsbottomRamsbottom Brewery


Red Bank Cider (Bolton, 2013)


Red Bank Cider


Remedy Bar & Brewhouse (Stockport, 2015)


Remedy Bar & Brewhouse (Facebook) Remedy Bar & Brewhouse (holding page)

Rising Sun Brewery @ Rising Sun Inn (Mossley, 2016)

rising sun

Rising Sun Inn & Rising Sun (FaceBook)

Frederic Robinson Ltd (Stockport, 1838)

robinsons Robinsons Brewery


Roustabout Brewing (Manchester, 2014/2015)

Roustabout Brewing


Runaway Brewery (Manchester, 2014)

runawayThe Runaway Brewery


Saddleworth Brewery (Uppermill, 1997)

saddleworthChurch Inn Saddleworth

Serious Brewing Co (Rochdale, 2015)



Seven Bro7hers Brewery (Salford Quays, 2014)




ShinDigger Brewing Co. (Manchester, 2013)

shindigger2Shindigger Brewing


Soul Doubt Brew Co (Manchester Science Park, 2016)



Silver Street Brewing Co (Bury, 2013)

silverstreetSilver Street Brewing Co. @ The Clarence


Six O’Clock Beer Co. (Manchester, 2012?)

sixoclockSix O’Clock Beer


Squawk Brewing Co (Manchester, 2013)

squawkSquawk Brewing Co


The Star Brewery (Salford, “2010”)

star inn brewery

Star Inn Brewery


Stockport Brewing Company (Stockport, Arch 14, 2014)


Stockport Brewing Company



Stubborn Mule Brewery (Timperley, 2015)


Stubborn Mule Brewery


Swindlers Ales (Manchester, 2015)



TicketyBrew (Stalybridge, 2012?)



Thirst Class Ale (Stockport, 2013/14)

thirstclassThirst Class Ale


Track Brewing Co. (Manchester, 2014)



Tweed Brewing Co (Manchester, 2014)

tweedTweed Brewing Co


Two Left Feet Brewing (Wigan, 2017)


Two Left Feet Brewing



Vagrant Brewing (Manchester, 2014)

vagrantbrewingVagrant Brewing


Vinyl Valley Brewing (Manchester, 2016)


Watts Brewing @ The Magnet Freehouse (Stockport, 2014)


The Magnet Freehouse


Westwood Brewery (Denton, 2016)


Westwood Brewery (Facebook)


Wildside Beers(Manchester, 2016)

wildside @WildsideBeers

Wily Fox Brewery (Wigan, 2015)



Windmill Brewery (Standish, 2016)


 Windmill Brewery


Zeitgeist Brew Co (Manchester, 2015)



Zymurgorium (Irlam, 2014)




No Longer in Production/On Hiatus

53 North (Manchester, 2015) (website registration)


All Gates Brewery (Wigan, 2006)

Allgates BreweryAll Gates


Boggart Hole Clough Brewing Company Ltd (Manchester, 2001)

Boggart BreweryBoggart Brewery

Craftsman Brewery (Manchester Science Park, 2014)

craftsmanCraftsman Brewery


Division Brewing Co. (Manchester, 2015)



Drink Up Brewing (DUB) (Bolton, 2015)


Drink Up Brewing (tumblr)


Indy Man Brew House (Manchester, 2014)

indymanbrewhouseIndy Man Brew House


 Privateer Beers Ltd (Manchester, 2012)


Quantum Brewing Company (Stockport, 2011)

quantumQuantum Brewing Company


Ringway Brewery Ltd (Reddish, 2012)

ringwayRingway Brewery


Rtwo Dtoo Brewery (The SteamHouse, Urmston, 2013)

rtwo dtooThe SteamHouse

Trub Brewing Co. (Manchester, 2015)

trubTrub Brewing Company (Facebook)


Urban Hop Brewing (2013, Leigh)

urbanhopUrban Hop Brewing


Wilson Potter Brewery (Middleton, 2011)

wilsonpotterWilson Potter Brewery


The Worth Brewing Company (Stockport, 2011)

worth brewingWorth Brewing Co (Facebook)


23 thoughts on “The Greater Manchester Brewers

  1. Sensible and practical to stick to Greater Manchester. With that in mind, you should remove Brewsmith from the list. A great brewery, but not in Ramsbottom, let alone Bury. They are based in Stubbins which is in East Lancashire.

  2. County boundaries eh? Seems odd to see Wigan (21 miles away) in the GM catchment area when Glossop’s award winning Howard Town Brewery is a mere 14 miles away from the centre of the city. The brewery will be celebrating 10 years of award winning brewing this July.

    • Indeed – I get many comments, in person too about just how malleable this list should be. Some even decry Greater Manchester as a county and in that respect it would be a brewers of Lancashire and then other counties.

      Not that I wish to be accused of stealing other counties brewers.

      Will look out for your beers, thanks for the comment.

      • To add to the updates Trub have folded and Swindlers is actually contract brewed and bottled by Hornbeam.

  3. Mayflower Brewery (Orrell, 2001) sold their kit about 4 years ago which then became Mouselow Brewery. Alan from Mayflower used Dunscar Bridge kit to make a couple of beers whilst working at the brewery. I understand he has moved from Dunscar Bridge so Mayflower may reappear in the future.

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